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Download PURE NEXUS OS Final Stable MM 6.0.1 Rom For Micromax A106 Unite 2

Micro Max A106 Unite Two Android Custom Made ROM PURE NEXUS OS up Date into Marshmallow 6.0.1 100% Examined Firmware Flash File. That You Knowall About The best way To Display A106 Unite two Un-official Rom And under You’ll find Setup Directions with This Submit & Download Free Hyperlink For Smart-phone.

PURE NEXUS OS Closing Stable M-M 6.0.1 Rom For Micro Max A106 Unite two:


*According to AOSP Android 6.0.1_R-30
*Pre-rooted using SuperSU 2.68
*Init.d service
*Addon.d service
*Indigenous Sprint PRL/Profile upgrade
*Indigenous ntfs along with exfat service
*Entire Layers along with Theme Motor service
*Google noises from mill picture maybe not exactly the dreadful AOSP Kinds
*Googles marshmallow backgrounds inserted to background picker
*Advanced Level Re Boot menu empowered Automagically
*Advanced Level spinning configurations
*Enabled Developer configurations Automagically
*Enabled choice to utilize Multi Window style
*Enabled click/longclick on telling panel markup objects
*Present driven encryption
*Present Tethering checks
*Customize Whole monitor computer keyboard from landscape choice
*Demonstrate programs Getting optimized throughout first boot
*Bug-fix’s and firmness enhancements
*UI Enhancements (adjusted a lot google forgot to overtake)
*down Load Rate in downloading alarms
*Scrolling cache enhancements
*Seek-bar cartoon rate and font dimensions controller
*Hostname customization
*Adb More than Wi Fi accessibility
*Entire 3-Minit battery service without any mods required
*Kit-kat mode quiet mode Is Currently default
*Extra headset connected at Status-bar
*Extra PureAmbient screen alternatives
*Extra Total CAF According AppOps
*Additional Capacity to view program variation when Side-loading program
*Added Capacity to launching program in program data sceen
*Additional program bundle title into program data Display Screen
*Added Capacity to disable battery saver colour in nav/statusbars
*Added Capacity to start purenexus configurations from telling drawer (Long-press configurations icon)
*Added Capacity to personalize Settings dash columns, dash text traces, dash dividers
>Extra wireless charging audio for usb chargers
*Indigenous Dialer search While in the aosp dialer
*Escalating Reminders Selection
*In-call vibration alternatives
*Proximity Speaker Phone alternative
*Countrywide Info roaming alternative
*Call/Message obstructing
*Flip to mute/reject Contact alternative
*Link/Unlink Notification ringtone Selection
*Extra Standalone files ui file supervisor
*Additional Specific keys to each of computer keys
*Additional smileys into this aosp computer keyboard
*Taken off googles bug account alternative
*Taken off googles SystemUpdate alternative
*Taken off googles Lawful advice

-PureNexus Configurations


*Substitute for personalize Lock-screen Short-cuts
*Choice to manually personalize Lock-screen Weather Conditions
*Selection to manually personalize Lock-screen clock ribbon
*Extended media ability to get flashlight
*dual tap anyplace to Slumber
*Substitute for disable Lock-screen media artwork
*Scramble pin design
*Quickly pin UN Lock
*alternatives to unlock directly into pin/pattern/password entrance
*choice to manually conceal Lock-screen clock
*choice to manually conceal Lock-screen Day
*choice to manually conceal Lock-screen alert text
*Substitute for command maximum notifications over the Lock-screen
*alternative to manually place up the alpha of Lock-screen along with Lock-screen safety bouncer
*Lockscreeen Wall-paper (add/crop/delete)

Notification Banners

*Weather Conditions
*Drive Expanded Notifications
*fast settings Pull-down (left, rightdirectly,constantly)
*clever Pull-down (not any continuing, no dismissable)
*brightness slider toggle
*alternative to period conscious contexual telling header pictures
*alternative for poly H D telling header pictures
*totally customizable fast settings around 30 Customized tiles
*alternative to either disable or enable the very best two Chief quicksettings tiles
*alternative to automatically empower 3/4/5 rapid Configurations tiles each row
*choice to innovative place in place fast Placing tile
*alternative to automatically Allow shaking onto fast Configurations tiles
*choice to disable rapid Configurations on protected Lock-screen

Present Programs

DecisionImmersive current (inventory, complete display, Status-bar just, navbar just)
*Obvious all of recent sorting
*Obvious all of recent place alternative
*Obvious latest but final program toggle
*the Latest hunt pub on/off toggle
*shed current and slender current alternatives


*Battery personalization (inventory, picture, group, dispersed pub, text, and not one)
*Battery percentage choices (concealed, Within the pub, near the pub)
*Battery Bar choices (place, colour, design, depth( cartoon)
*Provider Text personalization (text positioning, Custom Made text)
*Clock personalization (location, am/pm date date, date location, Day fashion, Day arrangement)
*Community Visitors meter alternatives (disabled/incoming/outgoing/equally, components exhibited, upgrade period, conceal arrows, and Auto-hide, autohidethreshold)
*Statusbar choices (pure nexus icon, and telling countertops, Doubletap to maneuver, standing pub brightness management)
*Substitute for disable headphone, vibrate/silent icon, and VPN icon at position pub
*Selection to disable Bluetooth icon in status bar if not linked

*IME toggle
*Alternative for arrow cursor keys
*Alternative for dual Faucet navbar to Slumber
*Long-press straight back to Get Rid of toggle
*choice to configure rear kill wait
*Long-press current for final program toggle
*Navigation pub Dimension customization (width, height, duration)
*Navigation pub personalization (positioning, buttons)

*Substitute for disable protected lock
*Add/remove (Re Boot, Screen-shot, screen-record, flashlight, plane style, consumer switcher,preferences shortcut, hunt, voice hunt, lock today, audio panel)

Quantity Rocker

*Quantity crucial aftermath
*Quantity crucial audio controller
*Quantity essential keyboard cursor controller
*Quantity switch swap toggle
*Get a Handle on media quantity whereas toggle
*Substitute for Permit down volume from quiet to input Don’t disturb
*Substitute for Permit volume upward from Don’t bother to depart Don’t disturb
*Selections to Regulate quantity measures onto the fly


*Expanded Desk-top alternatives
*alternative to enable/disable wake on plug-in
*LED controllers

*choice to manually disable Digital Camera audio
*choice to manually disable dual tap Digicam vibration
*habit heads upward alternatives (worldwide Freestyle, Time-out, induce heads upward heads upward White-list, heads upward don’t disturb, and heads upward Black-list)
*choice to disable non battery telling
*Substitute for disable battery saver telling

CLock Preferences

*Customise the exact cLock widget

Programs and advice

*apparatus information
*battery background
*use data
*Wi Fi data
*build.prop E-ditor
*F-I change Instruments (if job F-I sim is set up)

Invert Lockscreen Patch: Patch
Invert SS Fix:  Install Normally as APK


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